Rachel Bernstein


Rachel Bernstein

Entrepreneur, Product Manager at Google





Rachel graduated from Princeton University in 1987 with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She then worked as software engineer for 7 years. Rachel is a natural entrepreneur. In 1994, Rachel formed her first independent game studio with two other game designers, and served as the Co-Founder, President, and CEO for 11 years. In 2006, she formed her second company, Sidecar Studios, which produced games for Xbox Live Arcade and developed prototypes for Sierra Online.


In 2007, Rachel joined Electronic Art (EA), and after four years she was promoted to become an Executive Producer and led a development team on an unannounced title for Maxis.


Rachel has been serving as the Product Manager at Google since 2013. She had led game development teams ranging in size from under 10 to over 100, and her current functions include product definition, team leadership, and team management.


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