STEAM Summit Activities

STEAM Summit Activities

Demystifying Entrepreneurship Panel

This multi-lesson activity will teach STEAMers the important characteristics or traits of successful entrepreneurs.Then STEAMers will get a chance to interact with entrepreneurs from a variety of different industries in a panel-style discussion.

Speed STEAMing

Women business owners and corporate execs hold individual table-top sessions on their company’s area of interest, qualifications to apply for jobs in their field, and other questions from students on a small group basis. Students rotate every 15 minutes among the tables asking questions.

E.STEAM Incubator Challenge: New Venture Scholarship Competition

The STEAMers will be divided into groups of 5 to develop a company and an app for the new company. With only two days,  each group will race against the clock creating a business model and the technology.

Pitch Perfectly

Groups will develop a pitch” and a presentation for their new business idea. Judges will vote on the best idea, best pitch, best tech offer, most creative and other designations, for scholarship awards.