Jenny Xu


Jenny Xu

2014 STEAMer, MIT Student, Owner of JCSoft Inc.

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Jenny is a freshman at MIT and she describes herself as an “Athlertisprogamer” which stands for athle(te)(a)rtis(t)pro(grammer)ga(me-player)(far)mer. “I’m a varsity athlete, artist, animator, game developer, programmer, and I also own 5 chickens!”


Jenny currently owns her own game development company, JCSoft Inc., and has developed over 50 games for web and mobile platforms. Her 7 mobile games have an accumulative total of 3 million downloads worldwide. One of her games, Animatronic Jumpscare Factory, has over 1.5 million downloads on the Google Play store alone and was the #7 Simulation game in the United States.


Jenny had externed at Electronic Arts where she worked on NFL Madden 18 and she is currently an intern at Sony PlayStation. Game development is Jenny’s passion, she loves the process of coming up with an idea, implementing it with code and art, and showcasing it to a large audience. Jenny is very interested in the intersection of games and education and she wants to explore how games can impact schools and children around the world by providing an alternate source of learning.


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