Holly Moore | Vice President of Growing Leaders

Holly Moore

Holly Moore | Vice President of Growing Leaders


Holly is the Vice President of Growing Leaders. She is responsible for all operations and marketing initiatives, including events, resources, and business development.  Under Holly’s leadership, the organization has doubled in size and scope over the past five years.

Holly has over 10 years of executive experience with non-profit organizations.  She served on the board of directors for Eagle Ranch Children’s Home and later served as the organization’s Director of Communications.  She was also the Vice President of Advancement for Mercy Ships, a non-profit organization providing free medical care in Africa.  During her tenure with Mercy Ships, she spearheaded US development efforts that helped to launch the world’s largest privately funded hospital ship serving developing nations.

Previously, she enjoyed a career in the health care industry in both a clinical setting and the business world.

Holly’s most recent corporate position was the Vice President of Infusion Therapy and Healthcare Products for a Fortune 200 pharmacy services company.

Holly is a Certified Practitioner for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  She consults with individuals and groups to present psychological types and how they apply to relationships and team dynamics.