Social Media Pledge

Astra STEAM recognizes social media is an important tool to stay connected and share thoughts, ideas, and information with people all over the world. We are committed to creating a welcoming space for everyone. By participating in any Astra STEAM discussions on social media, you are agreeing to the following pledge (developed by Erin Olson @eolsonteacher)

I will use social media for good. I realize with learning and understanding comes great responsibility. I will model appropriate behavior and treat others as they deserve to be treated. I will use technology in a positive way. Technology will be used to empower, to complement, to better, to reform.  I understand I can make a difference. I will!

Astra STEAM does not discriminate against any views, but we do monitor content and reserve the right to remove posts without prior warning that violates the Astra STEAM Social Media pledge.