Ask Us Anything!


  • Do we have to have a parent attend the event with us? Is it mandatory?
    • YES!! Every STEAMer needs to have at least one parent attend the summit. Please contact Ina at if your parent isn’t able to attend.


  • Can both parents attend this summit?
    • Yes, of course! Astra STEAM Summit has a parent track that’s specifically designed for STEAMer parents. We’d love to see more than one parent attend with our STEAMers.



  • Is any particular skill required for the development of the idea and the summit as a whole?


  • Is there a specific hotel that we would have to stay in? 
    • Astra does not have a specific hotel for STEAMers, STEAMers and parents can stay where ever they are most comfortable with!


  •  What should we bring to the event? Should we prepare anything for the Summit?
    • Please bring your laptop with you to the summit.  It will be helpful when you are working on your business and app as well as your presentations. Also, please bring a notepad and paper. We have a lot of interesting people who are coming to the summit and I think you will likely want to take notes.


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