Annie Fox, M.Ed.

Annie Fox

Annie Fox, M.Ed.

Writer, Developer, Producer

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Annie published her first book, People Are Like Lollipops, before she was old enough to legally sign the contract. At age of 21, she decided that helping kids was going to be her life’s work. Annie set off on a teaching career after completing her Master in Education from the State University of New York at Cortland.

In 1977, Annie and her husband David opened Marin Computer Center, the world’s first public access microcomputer facility. Her work led her to write her bestselling book, Armchair. After a detour into the world of screen writing, Annie returned to computers as an award-winning writer/designer of children’s CD ROMs. From 1996 to 1999, Annie created, designed, wrote for, and produced an award-winning site – The InSite, a place “for teens and young adults to turn their world around.”

Through her public events for kids, tweens, teens, parents, and educators, Annie continues working toward her goal of empowering young people through increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence skills and stress-reduction strategies.

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