Our YouTube Channel is now up and running!

Afternoon all!  We’ve had a YouTube channel for a little bit but we weren’t quite sure how best to make use of it.  Did we want to include only original content?  Did we want to make it a one stop shop for STEAMers interested in videos that matched their interests?  And in the end, we decided, why couldn’t we do both of those things?  So we did.  We will be creating some original content that will have a home on our channel (have an idea? – tell us!), we don’t want to have an empty channel just hanging around doing nothing.  So we’ve subscribed to some of our favorite STEAM related channels and playlists and we’d love to get some feedback or suggestions for other channels that we are missing.  So drop on by, watch some videos, and let us know what to add for increased awesomeness!

Our YouTube Channel